Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well good morning! How are you all today?

Things have started out kinda rough around here, but steadily getting better. Here's a question for you experienced parents out do you teach a 2 year old not to whine or nag? Thoughts? Techniques?


Forrest wanted to try the camera this morning and that is how we got this lovely shot of yours truly...

There is a whole lot of playing cars going on here lately. He wanted me to take a photo of him with each car/truck/bus he was playing with. What a cute little whiner.

And here is one of those promised photos of the playroom. Such a fun place!

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. i love the playroom!

    and please do share how to stop the whining. we have a whining, tantrum throwing 16 month old. spanking, ignoring and time outs don't seem to be working.

  2. Um...wait for him to grow up.

    Honestly, there's only so much you can do, I believe. One thing is sticking to your guns and requiring a proper tone before said child will get a response other than "Use your nice voice" or the like. Don't EVER give in, even if it's for something crucial like water, because if you do, you're sunk. Deep down in the bottom of the ocean sunk.

    But the whining will return. Just keep reminding.

    Patience. And a serious stubborn streak. It's the only solution.

  3. Good thoughts TeacherMommmy! I don't want to be at the bottom of the ocean floor with this one!

  4. First of all, I have to say I'm liking the daily postings! :)

    As far as the whining goes, we've been struggling with this with Jenny. I've gotten to the point where she has to go to "time out" (sit on her bed) until she can decide to stop whining/fussing/etc. This is seeming to work about 90% of the time. She is too social to be stuck in a room by herself.

  5. Yes, I would like to know how to get a 4 yr old to stop whining, so nip it in the bud now!!!
    I would LOVE to have a playroom. Very nice!


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