Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Play Room

Can it be that I have forgotten to blog about one of the most exciting things that has happened here in the last two weeks? Oh dear...

And I know why too... While the transformation is complete, and Forrest and Elliot and Mommy and Daddy have been enjoying the new room (I haven't picked up toys in 2 weeks!), I wanted to get the curtains made and hung before I took some great pictures with the afternoon light streaming in. Yes, can you believe it? A room in our house that the sun streams in?


All that to say, we have a play room now and the boys love it! And Mommy loves it because all the toys are out of the living room now, and they can just stay where Forrest leaves them.

When that light is streaming in tomorrow, I will get some photos. But I fear it will be sanes curtains, because those aren't going to get made for a while.

But that is the big excitement around here.


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