Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Night out on the Town

So remember the women that keep me sane? One of the single women had a fantastic idea of the three singles watching all the kids so the three couples could go out! Amazing! As one of the guys said, "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!" Seriously.

Last night was the big night out on the town. We all piled in to one mini van...we all have the same one, just different colors, and headed to Alpena. Noah and Jeremy had found this fun little place on the river called Jeppetto's and the food was good (I had a pound of crab legs), the atmosphere was very fun, and the company was great! We laughed and talked and ate and before we knew it, it was 8. And not a chicken nugget in sight.

We then hit the local Dairy Queen, and since no trip to civilization is complete without a visit to the local Wally World, we did that too.

The hour ride there and back seemed to fly amidst adult conversation with no wonderful! And we parted company saying we need to do this again, and in the not too distant know, like after summer maybe!


  1. haha.. yes! i do find myself becoming more and more.. um earthy? i want to make more things, buy less, garden more, dry my clothes outside, learn to knit.... and speaking of granola? do you have a good recipe?!? i've been wanting to try making some.... and have been searching for a recipe.

    and the sling? oh man, i couldn't live without it. i use it constantly. i use it all the time at church and just when he's fussy and i'm trying to get things done, it's my must have. i want to get another one where i can carry him right out front, because he likes to face out....

    sounds like your adult night out was fantastic! :)

  2. speaking of earthy things.. :)

    do you use extra inserts for your diapers at night? i'm trying to figure out which is best to use.... i've looked at hemp, bamboo... just not sure which way to go..

  3. "Not a chicken nugget in sight..."
    That is so great. I mean, I love chicken nuggets as much as the next person, but a gal's gotta have a break sometimes!

  4. so glad you had a good night out. those nights out are a must!


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