Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Women that Keep Me Sane

Amidst amazing food and no kids save Elliot (he gets to come because he is still attached at the...ummm hip?), there is a group of women that have helped me keep my sanity this last year.

They did it again last night. Completely overwhelmed by the two tiny beings that live with us, discouraged by comments like, "oh, a grocery shopping trip was difficult? That's funny! Why?" and battling my own expectations, these women came around me and told me yes, it is hard, and yes, it's ok to feel that way, and yes, your expectations of yourself are too high, and yes, we will pray for you.

I am so thankful for them, for their wisdom, their laughter, their very realness...

I have other women that keep me sane, but right now they live 300 or even 2,000 miles from me. I miss them dearly and we talk often.

But these new women, they are right here with me, living this life here at camp. They are adding to my thoughts about being a mom, a wife, and a friend. They are the women that keep me sane.


  1. i can only imagine how the winter months must seem to drag on up there in the cold and snow.... so glad you have the other women to keep you sane....think of you often... we wish we were coming this weekend. we had hoped too, but decided we didn't want to travel 4 hours from home with less than 2 weeks to delivery....

  2. Beautiful! This is so true, I've never valued my friends (of all ages and stages) more than as a mom. :) Hang in there, it does get easier (and harder) as they get a little bigger. I'm in complete shock that my baby is one today, but it's so fun to watch the two of them starting to interact.

  3. so glad you have that support's so so important! being a mama to more than one can be so hard..i'm nervous about moving on to 3!

    i was surprised at how far along i am already...pleasantly surprised! and thanks for the encouragement about the ring sling. i'm feeling frantic about getting things ready these days!!


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