Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Made tortillas with Forrest, laughed through the whole thing. Had yummy tacos for dinner.

Mom came to help for the weekend. Did 20 loads of laundry, folded them, put it all away. Elliot had his two month check up. He's gained 2 pounds and 5 inches since birth...all on milk.

Between mom and me, we cleaned 2 bathrooms, vacuumed the whole house, mopped all surfaces that should be, organized the closets in the guest room, put up curtains in the guest room, put away the Christmas decorations, cooked up 2 pot roasts, and 8 pounds of hamburger to freeze, made a huge pot of soup to freeze, found matches to 20 odd socks and played with the boys! Wow...oh and made a trip out to the Amish store.

Mom left, spent time as a family in the afternoon...didn't have any chores to do, because we did them all the day before.

Noah's parents came for a quick visit. Had our Ugly Mugs Coffee House for the women here at camp.

Normal day of feeding, changing diapers, and playing.

Staff Fellowship

Life is good.


  1. I want to go to the Amish store! My hubby has family that lives in Hillman, and they go there several time a year.

  2. cloth diaper question.. can you dry the pocket part of diapers, or do they need to line dry? do you use the vinegar and baking soda stuff to help with smell?

  3. i read up online and mostly just get those conflicting answers and feel more frustrated when i'm done reading.. :)

    we're going to use disposables in the beginning, mostly because the diapers will be too big for a newborn. i believe we bought the all free and clear as well. i figure i can always strip them.

    thanks for the advice! it does get overwhelming at times to think about doing it all the time, but yet, i figure if it's all we know then it'll be okay, right?

  4. sounds like a good week getting a lot accomplished. homemade tortillas sound yummy!

    well we don't have a lowe's near here (closest is 120 miles away), but they did just put in a home i went there for aluminum rings..but they did not have any. they only had 2" steel rings...i figure those will work just as well??

  5. ok great! thanks for your help. i got cotton fabric. i was going to do just plain black, but they only had enough black to do half the sling, so the other side will be white with black flowers. i was going to do a khaki, but i didn't find a fabric i liked (it's limited selections here at wal-mart in this fairly isolated town). i'll probably try to work on in tomorrow since today is pretty busy. have a great day!! oh, did you do the pleated shoulder?

  6. Aren't Mom's great? When I had Evan my Mom came down and did so much. It was such a blessing.
    Where did you get the homemade tortilla recipe? I have one but they always turn out weird.

    Oh and Kara - my Mom and I have both been tothe Amish store. If you ever want to go, and then go visit Liz at Camp I'd be happy to be your guide :)

  7. can you send me the recipe for tortillas? i've been wanting to make some from scratch, but have been too lazy to find a recipe...


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