Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Family Camp

What is about it about patriotic holidays in America that makes people pack up in to itty bitty spaces and go spend time outside? These people have great places to live, but they abandon them for days at a time to battle the mosquitoes, dirt and campfire smoke to celebrate their country.

Do people in other countries do this? Or is this purely an American thing? Is it some sort of hearkening back to our pioneer mothers and fathers, who settled the West? A need to recreate those early years of our country?

Whatever drives this seeming unique American phenomena, Camp Barakel indulges those who want to spend time in our woods.

They can do all the things that our pioneer accessors did; cook over an open fire, canoe, fish, practice their marksmanship, swim, mountain bike and travel the Thunder Express.

For those who don't want to battle the campfire all weekend, we provide meals. One of the meals we eat on the ball field in true woodsman style...complete with balls, hot dogs and a rousing game of soccer.

In the early day of the Midwest, there was a sever shortage of pastors on the frontier. Circuit riders would come through a community sometimes only twice a year. When this happened, everyone would gather together for multiple meetings. During our family camps, we have chapel as well as class time for the little kids. This year, I taught the 5 and 6 year olds with another staff woman.

As all of our would-be frontiersmen were packing to return to their modern lives, our summer staff were packing to come disciple groups of kids for the next 12 weeks. Most of them are here on the property right now, learning all kinds of things that will be helpful this summer.

Would you join us praying that God will equip them over these next two weeks of workshop?


  1. sounds like fun. we'll be praying!

  2. sounds like everything went well for camp! :) it was a beautiful weekend for it! hope workshop is going well.... let's see.. thursday... doesn't that mean being a pretend camper for the day? :) love you!

  3. unsure about the flowers.. they look okay, but i've got a few wilty ones... but they were kind of wilty before the frost. I talked to mom and some of hers are doing the same thing.. we are wondering if there was a disease in them or something...


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