Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our New Ride

So, here are our new wheels!

Funny story about it...we bought it without seeing it (Noah's dad checked it out for us) and we just got it at our house yesterday (yah, we bought it at the beginning of May, but it was living at my parents house!)

We had been praying that God would provide a van somehow, and with the economic stimulus package money from the government and with the sale of our car, it didn't cost us a cent! Amazing! Thanks for praying!


  1. those cars are the best kind - FREE OF DEBT! way to go!

  2. awesome!! and thanks for the encouragement/prayers! i know God knows just how to make it right...and how to calm me down, too!

  3. thank you thank you thank you!! and thanks for checking in. the sleeping is actually getting better. libbs is not making the obnoxious noise nearly as much at bedtime anymore. and they are napping much better together. not nearly as many "fights" at bed times. it is a huge relief! of course there are still problems here and there, but it's amazing how much better things have gotten since i've prayed specifically about it and have had others doing the same. so thank you! how are things with you??


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