Saturday, November 8, 2014

Another 6 Year Old

Elliot turned six on the sixth!  What a kid he is!  He's inquisitive about everything from how a toilet works, to what type of bird is flying overhead.

He is thoughtful, always wanting to share what he is enjoying with others, be that food, or a special rock he's found or a bracelet he's made.

He has a care for the poor that is amazing and he has told us a couple times now that when he is a teenager (his ultimate goal in life) he wants to go to a school where they don't know about Jesus so he can tell them about Him.  We also foresee a lot of tool boxes and safety goggles in this kid's future.

Thankful for this sweet boy and what we see God doing in his heart and life!  Feliz Birthday mae!


  1. Liz, he looks HUGE! My goodness how fast they grow. I think Levi and Elliot would be friends. :) Yesterday my 2 favorite things Levi said? As we were leaving my parents house in the dark, Mama, I just heard a nocturnal creature outside, I think it was a Raccoon! :) Upon bringing a leaf inside the house.. I've been looking at this leaf, and I'm pretty certain it's a red oak because the leaf is pointy, is it a red oak leaf? gah. I love kids.

    1. yeah, he is our tall lanky one!! I think he's almost as tall as Forrest!! And yes, I think he and Levi would get along swimmingly!


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