Monday, November 17, 2014

This and That. Again.

Remember I mentioned you'd be seeing a lot more bullet point posts over the next little while?  Yeah well, I am nothing if not truthful.

So here we go!

  • We had friends come and visit!  It was so refreshing to be with them.  We got to show them crazy traffic, our little mountain town, and we did hit a few of the tourist places too.  I told them repeatedly they need to come every year!  All the kids got along wonderfully and, yeah, it was just plain refreshing!

  • One of the things our friends really wanted to see was a volcano.  The one they mentioned has been acting fussy for a while now, so you can't go to the park.  I suggested Irazú which is a pretty sure bet to be able to see.  Wouldn't you know, the night before we were going to visit it, the next volcano over erupted!  Not with hot lava and stuff, but erupted nonetheless!  For a while Irazú was closed, but by mid morning the next day it was open again, so off we went like volcano chasers!  

  • After months of praying, God brought a family to rent our house while we are gone this winter!  We're thrilled.  They have 2 boys and one on the way, so the house and yard is the perfect set up for them and they are thrilled to take care of Minga while we're away!

  • We're still praying for Noah's car here to sell.  
  • We are also still in need of a vehicle in Michgian.  Will you pray with us about that?

  • The big boys talk almost daily about how many clothes they are going to have to wear in MI.  It's cracking us up.  We also realized we are going to work with they so they can get all their snow gear on by themselves by the time they start school in January!  What a tropical world problem huh?

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