Wednesday, November 6, 2013


This guy has always liked a dramatic event.  Remember his birth story?!

Yeah, well, today, turning 5 couldn't just be a boring old had to include antibiotics and jello.

Poor kid has the same creeping crude the rest of us had and yesterday I took him to the doctors (that would be the fifth time in three weeks we've been to the doctor's.)

Last night he said 'tomorrow if I feel like this, I want to open my presents but save my cake and piñata for a day when I feel better."  Ohhhhhh!

Today he told me he did still want to save his cake and piñata, but he was more than ready to open presents and build one of his new lego sets.

I found him asleep on his floor when I went to check on him this afternoon.  At least he was surrounded by his lego "maps"

Love you Elliot!  Glad you're ours!!

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