Friday, November 8, 2013

Cake and Piñata

So last night Elliot felt well enough to do cake and his piñata.  Funny thing about the piñata, I hadn't even planned on one.  And then one day on the way home from taking Forrest to school, Elliot said " And for my piñata, I want..."  I thought, "what?!?  I hadn't even considered a piñata!!"  But he's been to enough Tico birthday parties now to know that birthday equals piñata here.  So there you go.

I was trying to figure out how to do a SMALL piñata, most here are giant and it was just going to be our family and Adam, the other gringo who works at camp, so we didn't need anything huge.  And this being rainy season, a paper maché one was completely out of the question because of the dry time.  Instead, I used three lunch sacks (which we have to bring with us here, I've never seen them anywhere here!) and layered them, filled it with candy and peanuts, and then tied the top shut.  Then I took tissue paper, made fringe and taped it on.  I think it turned out pretty well, actually!

For his cake, Elliot had been telling me for months now he wanted one of the Children's Museum here.  Funny kid.  So, here's what we came up with.  Let's say it's an interpretation of the building, which strangely enough, used to be the old prison, but now is a children's museum. 

He enjoyed whacking the stuffing out of the piñata, (which I need to get better at photographing...all that movement, I tell you what!)  and the cake met all his expectations.  Love this kid!!


  1. I like your pinata! I got creative making them here in Turkey too because my guanaco kids wanted them. (And Turkish neighbor kids loved them!) I lived in Costa Rica two years, so your blog reminds me of those days...

  2. Fantastic job with the cake! I loved your pinata too! So innovative! I've heard you can find paper bags at "El Tostador" or other places that sell nuts and stuff. Try looking in the mercado in Heredia, maybe? If not, they're definitely in San Jose!


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