Thursday, November 13, 2008

Elliot Whittaker Kamper

I have tried to write this post multiple times over the last week and it just hasn't happend. Something always interupts me, or I just don't want to think through all the details, or can't remember something that happend and get frustrated about it and give up.

With that said, I am going to try and give most the details as consisly as I can so we can move on with life.

We went in for the induction at 8 am on the 5th. Things moved along fairly fine, slowly, but that wasn't too much of a surprise considering my history with having a baby. Finally things really got moving and both my midwife and the nurse said we would be having this baby probably within the hour. We were excited and ordered dinner to eat after we had this little boy.

Then things went downhill fast! Looking back on it, I am surprised at how fast it happened. Elliot had been transverse all of labor, meaning his face was up towards the ceiling instead of down towards the floor. This meant a lot of back labor and a harder trip down the birth canal. He then got his head turned sideways and ended up getting stuck, poor kid.

So the decision was made to use the vacuum extractor. Not my first choice, but the goal is a healthy safe baby. Yeah, that didn't work. After multiple tries and a whole lot of work, the decision was made for a C-section, which needed to happen quickly. Oh, did I mention that the epidural had worn off a this point? No one could explain why, well, didn't really have time to tell me why.

At this point, I am now having contractions, feeling them strongly and we are headed to OR for the emergency c-section. God bless my midwife and nurse...they were there the whole time and my midwife even prayed multiple times with me. As they were preping me for surgery, the anesthesiologist made the decision that since the epidural had worn off and because this was an emergency, I needed to be put under a general, meaning I wasn't conscious for Elliot's birth. This also meant that Noah wasn't allowed in the delivery room.

Elliot came out of this whole ordeal perfect, not a single issue, praise God! I, however, lost more blood than they liked, ended up needing to get a unit of blood, had some issues that made them suspect seizures, so had an EEG (everything looks good from that) and a very slow recover.

I am so thankful for the help that we have had, my mom was with us for over a week and Noah's mom is here for this week. I am so thankful for a healthy little boy!

I am still dealing with the emotion of this all. It hit me that 100 years ago, I won't be here and neither would Elliot. Noah would be by himself with Forrest. I still cry when I think of my dear midwife praying for me while in the OR. God had brought us through so much in the last 2 weeks! Thanks for all your prayers!


  1. wow! what an amazing and scary ordeal! so so glad God brought you both through ok and that you've had so much awesome support! elliot is so precious! how is forrest doing with his new baby brother?

    praying for you as you continue to recover!

  2. you're right - we're so blessed to have the medical advantages these days! praise God they were able to deliver him safe and sound. :) love you!


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