Monday, November 10, 2008

It's coming

In case you haven't heard, we did have our baby, Elliot Whittaker Kamper. He was born November 6th at 8:06 pm. What a sweet little boy he is!

We are having a very slow recovery at our house. After a long hospital stay (5 days, 1 blood transfusion, 1 EEG, 2 passing out sessions) we came home last night. Once we figure out life, and I can handle more than walking, eating, and nursing, I will write up the whole ordeal, get some photos edited and be back to blogging as normal (maybe a little less than normal, I do have a toddler and a newborn now:)

But for now, we are home, God is good and we would appreciate a prayer or two as we figure life out now.


  1. It's a hard transition, but it does come together in time. I'll be praying that you find your groove quickly. Can't wait to see more pictures of your new little man! :)

  2. :) just so happy for you guys, and yeah, probably good you weren't at the shower. did you guys get a whole bunch of snow? i saw that gaylord got a whole bunch....

  3. congrats again! the transition to 2 young ones is hard, but it does get easier! praying for you in that, and in your recovery!

  4. love you and praying for you guys! take your time and adjust to your new life. can't wait to see little elliot in person!


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