Monday, July 22, 2013


When my mom was here, she mentioned the idea of making pudding.  I thought, "yes!  that's a great idea!" and then promptly forgot about it.  Until I found corn starch to make sidewalk chalk paint.  And when I opened the box it smelled like vanilla.

  Huh.  That's interesting.  And then I read the back of the box...

After consulting Google translate to remember which word was teaspoon and what was tablespoon, I thought, "yeah, let's make pudding!"

And it was good.  Now, there was a line in the recipe on the back of the box that said add sugar to your liking.  So I added 2/3 cup.  And low and behold my family ate it!

So after making two batches of vanilla, the second batch I added a bit of my homemade vanilla, last night I threw about 6 teaspoons of unsweetened coco powder and it's great!

There was a lively discussion over on Facebook about the nutritional value of pudding.  I have always thought of it as more a dessert type thing, but when I made it I was like "man, this is just milk and a bit of sugar!"  And the consensus from people I trust on this subject is, homemade pudding is a pretty healthy snack.  At 8 grams of protein per cup, milk also has 30% of your daily calcium as well as vitamin A and D.  And if you are using raw milk (still working on a good source of that for us) there are tons of good germs to aid digestion.

Alright, so after some requests, here's the recipe I've been using.

Vanilla Pudding
In two cups of cold milk, mix in 5 Tablespoons of cornstarch
Add in a teaspoon or two of vanilla

Bring 3 cups milk to a boil.  Add in the two cups of milk with cornstarch along with 2/3 cup sugar.  
Bring back up to a boil and stir consittantly for several minutes until it gets thick.  Put in the refridgeator.  Enjoy!

For Chocolate Pudding
Do all the same, and add in 6 teaspoons of unsweetened coco powder.  

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