Saturday, September 3, 2011

Intermission: Sidewalk Paint

Let's take just a little break from the Story of Honduras for something a little more light and fun.

So I found this idea to make sidewalk paint a couple of weeks ago and we tried it just before we left. It was perfect timing, friends of ours, the Vosses were getting rid of everything because they are done with Language School and are now in Honduras.  And what do you know, Monica had cornstarch and giant kid paint brushes she was getting rid of.  And I brought my food coloring with me, and we had a muffin tin and a sidewalk.

What fun!  I really think our neighborhood must thing we are the locos gringos because we do things out on the sidewalk, like play in the rain, and sit on the curb and paint with cornstarch.  But whatever.  The boys loved it!  And Elliot even convinced our guard to come paint with us.  How sweet.

We'll defiantly be doing this again.


  1. Oh! I love this idea! They may think you are crazy, but it also might spark some good conversations. Can you post the "recipe"?

  2. yep, just click on the words sidewalk chalk paint and it should jump you right to the recipe:)


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