Friday, July 19, 2013

Old Friend, Met New World

When we were at Barakel, we worked with college students.  A lot.  One of these great "kids" was studying at MSU and then went on to get her Masters degree in Texas for bilingual speech therapy.  I know, right?!  How cool is that job?!

Well, Kelli's company just happened to send her to Costa Rica for a three day conference and when she got in country on Tuesday she was able to spend the afternoon and evening with us!  It was so fun!!  We took her to a soda (a little lunch counter sorta restaurant) to give her a taste of comida tipica, then up to camp so she could see the place, and then back to our house for dinner and a couple of compelling rounds of Uno.

It's so fun to see how God brings people back into our life.  And while it was short, it was a fun day, showing one of our friends from one world our new life in this world!

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  1. I love the way that God orchestrates different connections for us. I mean, bilingual speech therapy and her company SENT her to your doorstep? God is definitely a details kind of guy!


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