Monday, October 29, 2012

Nuestra Casa, Parte Tres

Today was an exciting day!  No really.  And this is going to show that I am in fact an adult, we got a bigger stove and refrigerator.  Remember the play ones we had before?  Well, now, we have a lovely 6 burner gas stove and a huge refrigerator.  This means a couple of things.
1.  I can use my cookie sheets again.
2.  I can cook vegatables and a meat in the oven at the same time
3.  I don't have to go shopping every three days.  I am so very used to shopping once a month from our time at Barakel, this whole shopping once a week or every three days just seems silly to me now!

Look at these things!!

We were able to help the same family we bought the 4Runner from by buying these and three bookshelves and a little kids' table.  They are moving this week to Texas to start the next phase of their ministry.  We know what a help it is to have someone buy your stuff to help you relocate and we were glad to help!

We also bought three bookshelves from them.  One is being used as just that, a bookshelf.

We don't have a lot of real books with us...well, not a lot compared to what we did have (we still have about 5 tubs in our trailer...just can't seem to part with them.  They will come down little by little), but we do have enough to warrant a bookshelf just for them.  Isn't this space cute?  I think I might need to make a little pillow for the chair and a bean bag chair might be in order too.  We'll see.  And just to keep it real here, yes, those books aren't neatly on there the way one would think a bookshelf should be arranged because a kid got to them in the 5 minutes between when I put them on there and when I got the camera. 

Another of the bookshelves is now in my nook.  Yes, that is the name for the space at the top of the stairs.  My desk is there, and now the boys' little table and chairs and another set of shelves.  Isn't it darling?

I love how hobbit like it feels.  The lamp on my desk, yeah it's made out of a log and it was here just waiting for us. 

The boys have wanted a little table and chairs since we left Barakel and they were very excited today when it showed up on the truck.  They both worked together and carried it all up the stairs themselves.  I think this is where we'll do some school stuff when we start Kindergarten in February (on the Tico school calendar).

Things are starting to have a home around here.  There are places for things to go and now I don't have to look at a suitcase full of school books.  They can sit nicely on a shelf.  Oh man, is that sticker still on that binder?  Man!  So many little details like that to deal with. 

The last set of shelves is down in our bedroom and that is a whole other post because of so many issues down there.  So we'll just save that for another day.  

For now, I am just going to sit and enjoy my nook and figure out how to make bookends.  Anyone got any genius, cheap ideas?

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  1. can you get your hands on any scrap wood? even 2x4's? just cut them down, throw a couple screws in them? it would totally fit your style. ;) looks awesome, friend.


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