Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nuestra Casa, Parte Uno

So.  We've been in our house just a week now.  And can I just tell you how amazing it was that we found this place 2 days after we got in country? We have been looking at it online for about 2 months, and it was still available when we got here.  It was so great to be in it for most the time Laura and Dan were here because they were able to help so much getting things situated.  There is still a lot to do, but we are thankful that the house is furnished, and while there were a few things we need to get, for the most part we can live, and sleep and cook just fine.
Alright.  So it only took me three days to get part of the downstairs ready to really live in and take photos of.  Everything needed to be DEEP cleaned, there was so much to situate and organize, so many brainstorms to get everything where it needed to be, a couple of shopping trips to get it all together.

So, without further ado, here's our kitchen, laundry room and dinning room.  There is still two bathrooms and a bedroom to take care of downstairs.  Another day.  I promise.

This is what you see when you walk through the front door.  Dinning room first, steps, and then kitchen and laundry room.

There isn't a lot of counter space in the kitchen and most of the counters only come up to my thigh, which is going to make things interesting, but there was a folding table in the house, and while it isn't the most sturdy thing, it helps with counter space.

Here's our mini stove.  It's gas, which is great!  Although we've already run out of gas, which is just another learning experience, figuring out where to get more gas, taking the tank (which looks like one you would use on a gas grill) to the store, and hooking it all back up (it sits outside the house in the back and there is a hose running into the house).  And yes, it really is as tiny as it looks.  My cookie sheets don't fit in it really.  I can only use one at a time and I have to tip it up in the back a bit to get the door shut.

And look!  We have a matching mini fridge!  This is the tiniest "full size" fridge I have ever seen!  The family we bought the 4 Runner from has a stove and fridge for sale too.  We are hoping both fit the spaces in our house and we can get them from them just before they leave the country.  But for now we are thankful there is something to cook with and something to keep our food cold.

Yep, my mixer made the trip and is working just fine!  The action packer trick worked! 

The kitchen doesn't have a lot of cupboard space.  So yesterday we found this baker's rack for under the counter.  I'm glad my pots and pans look so pretty.

This was another storage solution.  This space is under the stairs, and behind these shelves we put long term storage things.  With the shelves, I now have a pantry!  I was so excited when this was all put together and organized yesterday!  And yes, that is a 2 1/2 lb jar of Nutella I brought from the states.  Just FYI peanut butter or Nutella will make TSA check your bags.  Apparently it has a suspicious consistency.

And here's the laundry room.  Well, room might be stretching it, laundry hallway, perhaps?  Anyway, we're thankful for a washer and a dryer already in the house and for clothes to clean!

So there you have it.  Part of the downstairs.  Everything takes just a bit longer here, so as we get more and more rooms set, I'll give you more and more photos.  And at some point, I hope to get a video so you can really see how the whole thing "flows" as they say.


  1. I had a jar of Nutella confiscated when I flew overseas last time.

    This looks fantastic! It's fun to set up a house, and it looks like you have a lovely one. God is faithful. =)

  2. And we had a jar of peanut butter confiscated. They said that it looks like plastic explosives.

    I love your house! I know you're putting a lot of work into it, but it looks beautiful already.

    I think my stove is smaller than yours. :-)


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