Saturday, November 3, 2012

Baby Swing

Remember when I showed you our garage and mentioned something about wanting to have a swing for Quinn?  Well a friend of mine sent me a photo of a fabric swing with the comment of "I bet you could totally make this!"  And I got to thinking, she was probably right!

And after thinking about it and scouring the internet for some sort of a pattern (I pretend to sew really.  I am not good at the whole measuring thing that has to happen with sewing.) I found this one!  It was the exact swing my friend had sent me.

All summer I would buy random fabric when I found it at a good price.  It seemed that the Holland Rescue Mission Thrift Store had fantastic fabric every time I went in there.  And at such a fantastic price!  I picked up about 2 yards of this heavy duty blue fabric for about $2 and shoved it in a duffel when it came time to move.  When I saw the swing I thought "I have the perfect fabric!!"

And so I set to work this week.  Noah was able to find a hardware store that had the dowels we needed.  We thought that if it came to it, we could use a broom handle (they sell them here separate from the broom heads), but I am so glad we didn't need to do that.

Yesterday, Noah took the four dowels to camp and had the guys in the maintenance barn drill the holes we needed.  They even sanded down the rough edges for me. 

And last night, we were able to hang the swing.  Quinn loves it!  He can check everything out while we are out playing.  And yes, it's hung a bit high, but that's because we have some friendly neighbor dogs (for about another 2 weeks) that like to sniff him.  Noah thought it would be better if he was higher.

What a fun project!  And I love how it turned out, it's so not plastic, and it just fits.  Right Quinn?


  1. Eek! I just love how it turned out. Exactly how I pictured it...and I knew you could do it. You're a domestic diva in my eyes. Way to go!

  2. Whatever Rach! I just do what I can. And the best part is...I got the fabric at the Mission store!!

  3. You could probably use an old belt as a seat belt. What a cool project!


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