Tuesday, November 1, 2011


A few weeks ago, Noah brought home not one, not two, but three lovely imported pumpkins!  They were a fortune, but he decided we need them.  And they have been lovely to have around!  And with the coolness of Rainy Season, it really has felt a bit like fall around here.

On Friday night we ordered pizza from the Brazilian pizza place down the road, and then it was time to cut into these pumpkins.  The boys were confused by this.  In fact, there were some tears involved becuase often we watch a movie on Friday nights.  They didn't understand what they were getting into, but they knew they were giving up a movie night.

But after I showed them pictures from last year's pumpkin carving, they were excited.  Elliot decided he wanted a smiley face, and Forrest went for a hippo.  Right, try to figure how to carve a hippo into a pumpkin.

And of course there was the sharpies involved to outline what needed to be cut.  And then the boys took over with the sharpies and things got colorful fast.  They did a good job at keeping the marker on the pumpkins though.

It was funny, neither of them wanted to scoop out the guts.  Last year Elliot was all about that.  Not so much this time around.

When we added the candles, both of them laughed and clapped their hands.  What sweet little boys.

Oh and for the record, hazelnut candles inside pumpkins smells delightful!


  1. lovely. levi wanted a train in his pumpkin. :) i need to get a picture of it, mike is good at envisioning things like that, so that helped :) glad you got a little piece of "home"

  2. The hippo is marvelous! So glad you got to do this together. Will you set them outside at all or will people think you are nuts?

  3. And look at you in LONG SLEEVES and LONG PANTS! Now THAT is exciting! :)


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