Monday, October 31, 2011


So people have been asking for more details.  Imagine that.

Alright, here's the run down.

I'm due around June 23rd.  And this means that we will be back in Michigan for the birth.  With my history, it seemed like a better option to be in a place where we know the medical system and where all the doctors and nurses speak my first language.  I know many people have had babies in a country other than their own and been just fine, but for us, we decided being in Michigan is the best option.  

We will be done with our year of language school at the end of April and then we will fly back to the States after that. Right now the plan is to spend the summer there.

Someone asked how we are going to work doctors and appointments and what not.  Well, there is a general practitioner doctor who comes to school twice a week, who speaks perfect English.  We'll start with him.  And once we are in Michigan, we will go to the practice we used when I had Forrest.

As for how I am feeling...awful.  Morning sickness, although I haven't thrown up, and exhaustion like I can't even believe.  I think both have been much worse than with the boys.  I've been trying to eat a little bit through out the day and sleep whenever I can.  And I'm not sure any of it is helping much.  But Noah is home with us all day, which is huge.

So there you go.  For all you inquiring minds.


  1. how exciting! i totally understand feeling sick and oh so tired all day long...that's how i've been feeling wiht this pregnancy, too. praying for you!

  2. Ahhh congratulations! =) And we will most likely still be in Michigan, so hopefully we can come visit you when you have the baby. How exciting. I'm sorry you're feeling so awful...I will be praying for you. Morning sickness is not fun, and I can't imagine it with everything else you've got going on. Love you guys! -Dawn, Nate & Linus =)

  3. YEAH!!!! Maybe this summer I"ll get to MEET Little Kamper #3! And maybe you can meet Little Dray #4! So exciting.
    If you are feeling different than you did with the boys, and if you felt the same with the boys both times...chances are...
    Anyway, so happy for you!


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