Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Newsletter

Our Honduras Trip!

We've been very busy in a good way recently and have so much to tell you.  At the top of our list is our recent trip to our future home in Honduras. Here is our first installment of a multi-issue super exciting Kamper Update.

Hanging with the Williamsons at Camp

We were so thankful to spend time last month with our ministry partners in Honduras. We know that one of our priorities is to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with them. You can guess by the photo how well it went.

The boys had a great time with the Williamson kids, and Ellie, Becca, Joel and Abigail did such a fantastic job with our boys!  Elliot followed Joel all around investigating toads, lizards, bugs and just about anything they could find and Forrest talked up a storm with the girls and Joel. They even got to go "fishing" with nets in the river.

Taste of the Future

Our visit at Camp Manantial involved getting our hands dirty and experiencing a little bit of what life will be like once we move their next fall.  Liz helped Cindy with camp laundry while Noah, along with two Honduran volunteers from PIER (the church that owns camp) helped Wes build some new bunk beds for camp.

A Huge Surprise Blessing

The plans to build our permanent home is progressing!

The Friday morning before we left to come back to Costa Rica, we were able to meet with some of the pastors of PIER who also happen to be engineers and architects!  And they literally said to us, "What do you want in your house?"  What in the world!!  We never in a million years thought we would be able to help design a house for us to live in!  And what a beautiful thing it is!  At least on paper right now!

After our meeting we went to lunch with everyone and Pastor Daniel started sketching what we had created back at church.  Here it is, on the back of a paper place mat.

And now we continue to pray.

Pray for the work teams, volunteers and money that will equal the $75,000 (We currently have $21,000) it will cost to build the house that could one day function as our camp’s main office.  (This is a change from the $45k we thought it might cost)
To update you on the big grant we were hoping to receive: we did not receive it this year and know that the Lord has other plans for how we would provide for our future home.

A Lot More To Share

We have tons more to share but couldn’t fit it in a simple email. Be looking for our next month’s update or get a sneak peak by checking out our blog by clicking here<> to see what else has been happening.

Thank you faithful supporters, family, and friends for your prayers, money that you give to the Lord through us to reach and disciple His people in Honduras and for your emotional support and friendship!

Noah, Liz, Forrest, and Elliot

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