Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today I was home with Elliot because of a fever and a cough.  Poor dude.  We have an appointment for tomorrow with the Doctor because he has been dealing with this cough for about a week now, and just yesterday develeloped the fever.  In some ways I guess we should expect this, with both boys now in school each day, they are bound to encounter more germs.  But it's hard.  It's never easy when your kid is sick, but now there is the added "do we keep him home?  Is it just a sniffle in the morning?  Is it something more?  Who will miss class today?  Do we take him to the doctor?"  And honestly, a big part of it is just guessing!  Ha, isn't that most of parenting, really?

So anyway, today I was home with him.  And I was very thankful for our recorder our staff family at Barakel gave us as part of our going away present!  We use it most of the time to record our homework for Phonetics class, but it came in handy today.  Noah gave it to one of my classmates in my two hour grammar class so he could record the class for me.  Apart from acutally being there, it's the next best thing! 

So this afternoon, I sat at my desk (another thing I am so thankful for, remember my lovely one back in Michigan?)  and listened to my grammar class and got most of the lesson today, which is great because I have another test this week.  So Thanks Barakel Staff!  We love you all!


  1. I hope he feels better soon. Our kids have been around other kids their whole lives (church and a home daycare, along with preschool for Snug and speech school for LMM) and they still get sick :o( We have fevers and coughs here today too. Sick kids are no fun!

  2. Thank God you are not a single parent! How do they do it?


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