Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Space

Yesterday, nudged on by the fact that I am sick to death of tripping over kids and their toys when I get up from my desk, and by the fact that one kid's desk for two kids just wasn't working, I rearranged the area in between the dinning room and the sala errrr, living room for you English speakers.

After an entire afternoon, I successfully got rid of a 4 drawer filing cabinet (that was on my list of things to purge and get rid of for the move) and set up a new system for the boys to create in.  I also cleaned out my desk, and situated it near the window, which for about a half hour in the morning gets the sun streaming in.

With the use of two end table type pieces of furniture that I got a garage sale years and years ago for $20 for the pair, I think we have a very workable system now.  You know, until the kids grow into the next phase of life.

Now to clean this nasty window!

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