Friday, May 20, 2011


It's been a week!  And since I am out of energy to make anything coherent, I will leave you with bullet points:

  • After our trip to Clinica Biblica on Monday, we ended up having to see Dr. Longworth again on Tuesday.  Elliot woke up with a suspicious rash.  Sure enough, it was an allergic reaction to the antibiotic.  On the plus side, the benadryl made him sleeping!  And he is just peachy now.
  • We all were back to school on Wednesday.  Which was good for me, becuase I had two tests this week.  One in Phonetic and today in Language.  I think I did pretty terrible on both.
  • In an effort to shop without half of San Jose in the store, I went to Hipermas (think Meijer or Walmart) by myself yesterday afternoon.  Much better idea!  Almost no one was there, I was able to take some time to investigate some things and everyone was happier all around.
  • Sunscreen is $10 a bottle here.  And that's the off brand.  Ouch.  I about swallowed my tongue!
  • After committing to 16 bars of soap, I found body wash.  Too bad we will be using bars of soap for the next year and half.
  • Eggs have got to be cheaper somewhere around here.  I paid almost $4.50 USD for two dozen.  That can't be right.
  • We have got to find the rain cover for Noah's backpack.  We are getting closer to rainy season being for real now and it's just a matter of time before we need it every day.  Where in the world could it be?  I really hope it's in this country.
  • We need to figure out where the post office is and how to mail something.  I will be glad when we are further down the road and know more how these things work.
  • Now to take advantage of the fact that it's Friday, it's raining and the boys are both napping!

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  1. post office is quite near to the location of the feria - I can show you sometime. Also - if it is just a letter or small flat package it can be mailed from the school. Ana Lorena (at the front desk) can help with the stamps, etc... Renee :) Hang in there!


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