Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Adventure

Ok, so it's been a weekend!  Since Friday at noon we've:

Experienced at 6.0 earthquake
Dealt with a 2 year old with a fever
Went shopping
Decided we needed to take Elliot to the doctor on Monday
Made an appointment in Spanish over the phone for what we thought was Monday, only to discover at the end of the conversation that it was Wednesday.
Decided who would miss school to take Elliot to the Doctor
Took Elliot to the doctor.

Overall, the doctor's appointment went well.  The doctor is a Canadian national who was born and raised here, and is in more ways that not, a Tico (Costa Rican).  He has been practicing at Clinica Biblica for years, and is a great guy.  He comes to ILE twice a week just to see students and their families because he has such a heart for missionaries.

But, since Elliot got sick on Friday, had a fever all weekend, complained some of ears hurting, we decided we wouldn't wait until Tuesday to see Dr. Longworth.  Instead, Elliot and I called a cab and went downtown to Dr. Longworth's office at Clinica Biblica.  It felt sorta weird taking Elliot to the hospital, but the whole 3rd floor is doctors' offices, and that's just where you go.

After getting through the routine paperwork, you know, name, birthday, passport number, address( San Franciso de dos rios, de la pharmacia 6 cuardras este, 70 metros sur, casa armarillo, puenta negro, seriously, that is our address) we settled in for the wait.  And I was glad at that point that Dr. Longworth speaks English!  He said that Elliot has a redish ear (same one that was infected before we left the states) and very red throat.  He prescribed an antibiotic.  And it was great because he gave us a bottle right in his office, which meant no trip to the pharmacy, which was looming over me.  But interesting thing about this was powder.  And we got to add the water to it.  And it smells like some tropical fruit, not like bubble gum or something.  And it comes in a glass bottle.

And he also gave us a couple of bottles of something like advil.  Also in brown glass bottles, with a syringe labeled with weight in kilos.  Oh, and I learned today that milliters are the same as ccs.  So Elliot's dosage is 4 ccs twice a day of antibiotic, something that's a cousin to amoxacillin.  Dr. Longworth wrote the script on the inside flap of the box.

So, we've now added going to the doctor to our list of adventures in the last 3 weeks.  I really think it's enough for a while!


  1. goodness! glad everything turned out good today. hope elliot feels better quickly!

  2. Oh poor Elliot! I hope he recovers soon. I think "language school" gets you ready for SO MUCH more than a foreign language!!!


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