Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wrestle Buddies

When my brother Nate was about 3 or 4, the big craze was Wrestling Buddies.  Do you remember this commerical?  What a throw back!

He was desperate for one becuase he was the only boy in the family at the time.  Anyway, he didn't get one, so he used his My Buddy (doesn't this just make you laugh histarically?)   instead and ended up cracking Buddy's head open.  

All that is a set up for these photos. My boys are finally to the point where they can wrestle with each other and sometimes it doesn't end in tears.  Sometimes.  I find it funny that usally Elliot is the one winning, but either way, they have a blast.  Oh my, boys and their physicallness!

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  1. CUTE photos of your boys wrestling. James ALWAYS cries when he and Jack wrestle. I thought the big brother was supposed to beat the little one, but little did I know.

    Love the commercials.


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