Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Notebook

So I have always had this thing for office supplies.  It goes way back, and somewhere along the line, I just embraced it.  Noah laughed today when I told him I started a new notebook.  And then he said, "Of course you did."

This notebook it going to be full of lists.  Lists organized by room on what we need to take with us and what we don't.  Lists of airline prices.  It already has the lists of recommendations from ILE pasted in it.

I started this new notebook today because yesterday we had a very exciting conversation with LAM.  We were told that if we are at 70% of our monthly support by March 1st, we can commit to the May term at ILE!  And if you take a gander over at the side bar, you will notice that we are at 67% right now!  That means we need just 3% by March 1st!

Now, just clarify, we still can't leave at 70%.  We will need to gain another 20% before we leave mid April, and then that last 10% before we leave for Honduras.  But to be able to commit to being in Costa Rica for the May term would be huge!  If you have been thinking about partnering with us, this would be a great time to let us know that!  For you numbers people, 3% for us is 3 families giving $58 a month.  Click here to find out how to give.

And pray with us.  This is a big milestone, but there is also a lot left to do.  Pray that God will bring the people and churches He wants to partner with us to our attention.  And that He would bring in the rest of the monthly support soon!


  1. wow, liz, that's SO exciting!!! praying that not just 3% comes in, but the full 20 by the time you need to leave. what a blessing, and hooray for being able to start forward thinking a bit more!

  2. This is definitely new notebook worthy! Horray!

    I love notebooks too and have been sitting here staring at sticky notes and other random pages for the last hour thinking that I would be so much more productive if I had a fresh notebook to work with rather than all of this randomness. :)

  3. Thanks Jen! After our conversation on Saturday, it's really nice to have some sort of direction!

    And Laura, yes indeed! More productive with a nice fun new notebook...you may need to take a trip to the Big K for one!


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