Tuesday, February 22, 2011

There and Back Again

You, dear readers, are getting the shaft around here lately!  And for that I am truly sorry.  What is with this intermittent posting, you might ask?  Well, there has been and will continue to be a whole lot of traveling and talking and spending face time with people, and frankly, by the end of each long day, the last thing I have the energy for is to write. 

This weekend was another weekend that is becoming more the rule than the exception.   We were in Holland and Grand Rapids.  We stayed with a dear friend who was house sitting for missionaries (how fun is that?)  She fed us, did our dishes, played with our kids, and totally spoiled us for the weekend.  We also were able to spend time with a new group of Jesus Lovers who we met through an old friend from High School, and on Sunday we spend a good chunk of the day with Noah's brother and his family.  And then we got to brave the ice and snow back to Holland.  It took us twice as long as normal, but that just meant an hour, which as sad as this is, is a normal trip for us now.  Our kids don't understand when they get in the car for just a fifteen minute drive.

Anyway.  We had a great time sharing with two different groups about the work in Honduras and what God is doing through Manantial de Vida.  We were also able to share with them that we are just .5% away from being able to commit to language school!  Yep, just a half of percent!  And we still have a week before our deadline!  Let us know if you want to be that family that pushes us over that goal!

One of the highlights of this trip was taking our new prayer card photo.  I know, family photos right?  But we really wanted to have a tropical one this time around, something about moving to Central America made snow and knotting pine paneling seem, well, really out of place.

Noah came up with the great idea of going to the Meijer Gardens.  Which was perfect.  And because we wanted to it to look as real as we could, we wore short sleeves and sandals.  I even changed into a skirt once we got there.  I know people were a bit confused why we were dressed like that, on a snow day for most of West Michigan.  But it was so nice!  Because the Tropical Conservatory was warm and humid, and since we were in summer clothes, it felt like a mini vacation!  And while the actual Butterfly exhibit doesn't start for another two weeks or so, there were some early hatchers flying around, which the boys were very excited about.  There were two other families in the whole place, so we were able to take a bunch of photos and not bother anyone.  What a treat!

We're back at Barakel now, working through the paperwork and physical unpacking.  And we're here for a while now, you know like two weeks before our next adventure!

PS- If you are reading this in a reader, click on over to the real thing, there is a fun new look!  More in keeping with moving to the tropics!

PSS-  Yes, I really do have two legs, despite the fact that the last picture seems to show I have had an amputation in recent weeks.  Rest assured, we are a 8 legged family.


  1. FANTASTIC new header. Fun pictures. I wondered if you were at "the gardens" when you had those pictures taken. I've never been, but my cousin lives in GR and she and her kids have a season pass each year. Fun fun@

  2. God Bless you lead you with His Love & anointing.


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