Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bug Buddie

Last night Elliot got all excited about something.  I mean really really excited.  We kept listening, trying to decipher Ellioteses, and then I realized he was trying to say spider.  Except there wasn't a spider, but a stink bug.  And he was thrilled!  His love of bugs goes way back.  Remember this video?

Elliot sat there, and very carefully, moved the bug around, playing with him.  Forrest was a bit leary at first, but then he realized it was ok and joined in the fun.  Poor bug.  But really, Elliot was so very careful with him, I think he went away unharmed.

In all of my thoughts on motherhood, it never crossed my mind that someday I would be telling my kids to share a bug.  But last night I did.  "Forrest gets to play with the bug for a minute, and then it will be Elliot's turn."  Yeah.


  1. love it! a month or so ago, i found a boxelder bug in the house. i showed it to levi and he ever so gingerly played with that silly thing. it finally crawled under a chair we have... for days he would say "bug, chair"... i'd move the chair and show him the bug was gone... he STILL occasionally will bring up the bug, and then he'll say... bug, chair, all gone, mama... :) too funny.

  2. So I'm guessing it didn't actually...stink?
    Boys. I tell you.

    Today I had a daycare child crying in the backseat of the van on the way home from a playdate. Because her invisible pet mouse had been "stolen" . My son started the whole invisible mouse thing...and he was also the offender. I just simply asked him to give it back.


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