Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hurray! Remember that big Christmas project I alluded to a few days ago?  Well, it's done!  Finished it this afternoon.  And while I would love to show you all, I can't for pretty obvious reasons.  But I will take some photos and post after they have been distrubited.  And now just one more project for my boys, and then I am done with all the Christmas sewing.

There is still chocolates to make, and a few odds and ends to wrap up before I am officially done with all the Christmas shopping.  Now to enjoy the season!

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  1. yea for being done with a big project!

    thank you...the pattern i used was easy, but i didn't get too bored, which is nice. this is where i got the pattern:

    i knit mine in one long piece, though. and i used cascade 220 yarn (wool).

    i've been knitting up a storm..probably b/c we have no friends here yet and nothing to do!


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