Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Archery for Jesus

When Wes and Cindy were home on furlough last year, there was a group that raised money for them to buy archery equipment for Manantial de Vida.  That was exciting, but Wes and Cindy really didn't know what to buy.

Well, one of the things Noah does around Barakel is take care of archery equipment and run the range during retreats.  He happened to know what to buy.  Coincidence?  I think not!  Anyway, this fall, he was able to spend some time looking through the archery catalogs and picked out what he thought would be best for Manantial de Vida.  And one day, his boss came to him with several bows that Barakel didn't need anymore to send with the new equipment that Noah was ordering.  How cool!

After months of mailing and shipping, the equipment got to Manantial de Vida.  Wes sent us photos just the other night of them testing everything out.  Amazing to see how God used money from Pennsylvania, and a camp in Michigan to provide equipment of campers in Honduras.  And it's so exciting for us to see how God is and will use what we have learned at Barakel to help with what He is doing in Honduras!  What an amazing God!

I love the fact that the ministry we are a part of right now is so eager to help the ministry we are going to.  It's beautiful when the body of Christ works the way it should!

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