Friday, November 19, 2010


  • A lot of this, that, and the other thing going on lately.  And I can't really seem to nail any of it down into an interesting story line.
  • Elliot told me today he was a big kid.  Right.  When you can tie your own shoes and get dressed by yourself, we'll talk.
  • We are having a lot of fun with our new Kindle!  Yep, it was a family Christmas present and I for one am thrilled!  I learned how to import your own document to it today, so if you decide to send me a huge pdf file, like of a book or something, I won't have read it on my computer.  Amazing I tell ya.  Do I live on the USS Enterprise?  Can I talk to the wall and say, "tea, Earl Grey."  and will it pop out a cup of tea, pipping hot?  Really, that doesn't sound as good as telling the bathroom to clean itself, or the laundry to wash itself. 
  • I am attempting a pretty big project for Christmas this year.  Can't share too much, becuase, well, you know.  But it's big and I am trying to not be overwhelmed by it. 
  • We are planning another deputation trip to the West Michigan area Dec 5th-12th.  Want to meet with us?  Have a group you think would be interested in hearing about Manatial de Vida?  Let us know.
  • We had an adoption celebration last night for my friend Kerrie and her family.  What a blast!  We made all sorts of fun things like raspberry filled petit fours, artichoke dip, and Italian Sodas.  What fun to celebrate the great things God has done in your friends' lives!
  • Alright, since I tried talking to the bathroom and it didn't work, I should probably go do it myself.

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