Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Monday we took advantage of the fact that all the museums in Grand Rapids are free because of ArtPrize.  In case you aren't aware, ArtPrize is a different sort of art competition where the goal is to get people talking about what is art.  And I came away from the event realizing I don't have a good working definition of art.  So much of what I saw made me say, "well, that's sorta cool, but is it art?"  We had many discussions around the table with my sister (an graphic designer) my husband (an art minor), my brother (an artistic blacksmith).  Anyway, still don't have a good definition.

Ok, but back to the museum.  On our way home on Monday, we took some time to show the boys a piece that my brother Nate helped with, Plan B, but we also spent some time exploring the Grand Rapids Public Museum.  So much to look at and digest normally, and then with addition of ArtPrize pieces, the boys were a bit overwhelmed.  But it was good, and they did enjoy seeing everything.  In fact this morning, Forrest brought up a piece that we had talked about yesterday.

We also tried very hard to get them to enjoy the historical carousel.  Tried.  We thought they would love it.  Forrest liked the one at the zoo last year.  But something about all the people, the volume level of the music (Elliot kept saying "too loud!  too loud!) just didn't sit right with them.  Forrest unequivocally refused to go.  I managed to get Elliot on, but he would not sit on the horse.  So instead we rode in the sleigh.

As we were getting ready to leave, Noah overheard someone talking about us.  Not as in "look at those crazy people with their kids climbing all over everything to get Away from the carousel," but as in "Look, it's Noah Kamper from Camp Barakel!  I was reading their blog this morning and saw they were going to be down here." 

What a funny mystery!  Who are you?  We wish you would have stopped to talk!  We love talking to people who love Barakel.  Were you up during family camp?  Did your kids come to summer camp?  What are you making for dinner, 'cause I could really use some new ideas!

Would you help us solve the mystery?  For anyone who can give us a clue to who this mystery person was at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, there will be a fantastic prize waiting, which may or may not look an awful lot like a Barakel window sticker.

Can't wait to solve this mystery!


  1. NOOOO idea who it was. But for dinner we had citrus grilled chicken (my recipe) that I didn't grill but made in the crock pot, broccoli, and organice gluten-free risotto that I bought on sale-it was a box thing. The risotto was ICK but the broccoli and chicken were delish. E-mail me if you want the chicken recipe!

  2. Um, after going to artprize, I think art is whatever you say it is. Some very awe inspiring, some not so much. Glad you had a good time. Nooooo idea who you saw either. :(

  3. I am going out on a limb here and saying the Penny and the Pig are not pieces of art! Period! They should not be anywhere near the top ten!

  4. Oooo... I love a good mystery! Too bad it wasn't me, I would have probably tried to come say "hi"! :)

  5. I will help out with the mystery! It was me, Kim (Loomis) Stayton. You can find me at www.dizzyj.com. I apologize for not stopping to talk, but we were on a school field trip that basically let the whole class loose in the downtown Grand Rapids area. I had 6 kids in my car that, to say it nicely, had 6 different opinions on what to look at EVERY second. I felt bad after we saw you how abruptly I walked away, but it was a little stressful at the moment.

    Anyways, I grew up coming to Camp since around 6th grade. I worked at Camp Barakel as a counselor the summers of 1991-1993. The last two summers I counseled the technicians. I have been up to Camp several times over the years since then. Now, my boys are attending summer Camp and have been to Father/Son retreats as well. So as you can see, Barakel is a huge part of our lives! We are really hoping & praying that our boys will want to counsel there one day too!

    As far as dinner goes, we had hashbrowns, eggs & bread fried together with just a touch of oil in the pan. My boys LOVE it with ketchup on it! Hope that helps a bit in the dinner area and in the mystery area!

    Praying for you and next time I promise I will stop and chat a little longer!

  6. Kim!!!! So very fun! Glad you made yourself known! And I will get your prize in the mail just as soon as I get your address!

    Yes, totally understand why you couldn't stop. It was a bit crazy down there! So neat to hear how much Barakel has been in your lives! Did your kids camp west or east side this summer? Noah thought one of them looked familiar. Small world!

    And thanks for the dinner idea:)


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