Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wrap Up

Wow, so I am a bit behind aren't I?  Last week was a little nuts and this week is different yet again, and while I have all sorts of interesting things to talk about (Forrest's first fish, our new to us trailer, thoughts on tubs and bins and storage, the change of weather, Family Camp)  I realized I never finished up with our trip to Virgina.

So here you go...

We managed to drive 1,243 miles, even though we flew to and from the Washington DC area.  I think that is quite impressive!  And quite long, and hard with 2 preschoolers...but we made it!

We all managed to get sick, I started the trend on Sunday night, right after we got in, and subsequent family members followed through the week.  Forrest topped us all with a double ear infect with 103.8 fever.  Which meant we missed the Zoo, which I was the most disappointed by.  But we got to the doctor, got some antibiotics and he was happy as a clam by the time we got on the plane.

We decided that we really got to see the whole state of Virgina.  We stayed with friends in the Manassas/DC area, drove down the east coast Chesapeake Bay area, then across the state to the West Virgina board into what everone calls Hillbilly country where the Blue Ridge Mountains are, and then back up to Manassas.

 Our kids did amazingly well.  Normally they don't sleep in the car at all, but they got to be pros at that.  I don't know if it had to do with them not feeling well to begin with, but whatever, we took it and thanked God for it!

We spent time with dear friends and family.  Some we haven't seen in 4 years.  We were able to meet about 6 new couples and share with them about what God is doing in Honduras through Manantial de Vida.  While we haven't seen the financial benefit of the trip yet, it was just great to share with people who were excited to hear about God's work outside the States.

We were overwhelmed by the generosity and hospitality of people.  They played with our kids, feed us fantastic food, went out of their way to make us feel at home, comfortable, gave us medicine, let us borrow cars, drove us places.  Amazing!

And all too quickly we were home.  And back to life as not so normal.  We had cleaning week, fevers, prepping for Family Camp class, more fevers, sub plans for Family Camp, teaching Kids' class, and then we crashed into a pile on Monday afternoon. 

So now you have the wrap up of our trip.  Now I can move on to all those other things...

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