Thursday, September 9, 2010

Forrest's First Fish

Say that 5 times fast.

Noah got Forrest a fishing pole for his birthday back in April.  The first time they went fishing, Noah caught a big something or other.  When Forrest came home he told me was scared of it.  And I suppose all that wiggling and straining and thrashing would be a bit overwhelming.

Well, they went again earlier this week and when they got home Forrest told me he had caught a fish.

And yes indeed, he had!  And he and Noah had decided they were going to eat it.  We had a little discussion  about how the only reason to fish or hunt is to eat the animal, not just for the fun of it. And our next door neighbor taught Noah how to clean it.

I asked Forrest about the whole catching experience.  He told me he touched it.  I asked what it felt like and his response? "Well, it just felt like a bass mom."  Oh my.

Within an hour or so of catching it, it was fried up, and Forrest was eating it.

It was a good life lesson for him, although I was a bit squeamish about it all.  I find there are things that I have come to terms with, like meat coming from animals, or the reality of war, but when my darling 3 year old starts asking about them, I struggle with how to explain it.  I guess it's a reminder of how sin has stained the world.

And I think that it's a good thing to be reminded that those things, death, war, sickness, hate, aren't the way things should be.  And they should make us all a little squeamish.


  1. Oh! I love cleaning fish. Cut off the head. Then slice the belly and lay it flat. Take out the innerds. Filet it. Ready to fry!
    I hate catching fish (but did enjoy a little fishing with James this summer).
    I don't eat fish.

  2. Allowing your children a chance to choose fishing or hunting as an option will pay dividends down the road. It's biblical and sound. Great Job.

  3. that's awesome! way to go, forrest!!


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