Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Steps of Faith

I have been seriously behind here!  I don't really know why, except, oh, we are working on moving across the world.

I feel like I write something, and the next thing I know it's been a week.  And durning that week, I am really not sure what has been accomplished.  A whole lot of emails, phone calls, forms filled out I guess.

I mentioned that we have started to sort through and purge.  We started with the garage before summer was over, and this last week I stared with the playroom.  Which of course, needed to be done at nap time.  And while there was a good chunk of work done in there, I still have a bit more to do to sort through the closets.  And I really need to get a plan for the rest of the house.

We also went through the lovely experience of taking passport photos of the boys.  Yep, after 3 hours, a break for lunch and a walk in the park to calm everyone down, and $25, we have some of the worst photos ever of our children.  But they are just what the State Department wants.  I hope.

This last weekend we had an appointment to get the passports processed, which really was relativity painless.  It was a huge help that I had already filled out all the paperwork and it was just a matter of all of us being there (yes, if you have a minor child, both parents need to be present to apply for their passport).

I have made an appointment for all of us to get our travel shots, you know, things like Typhoid.

We have been calling all of these things Steps of Faith.  Living like we believe that God has called us to Honduras and that we are going.  Everything from the Berky and moving our entire music collection to an iPod, to buying a storage trailer.  "faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" (Hebrews 11:1)

We also hit the 40% mark this last week!  We are very encouraged and are excited to see who else God will bring to partner with us for the work at Manatial de Vida.  And we are still hoping and planning that in January we will be on a plane headed to Costa Rica for language school.  Will you pray with us to that end?


  1. Thanks Jenney! Hey, I have been meaning to ask you, know anything more about #1's job?


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