Thursday, June 3, 2010

DVDs and Water

It's so fun to see what people grab on to when it comes to helping us move to Honduras.  Just this week, someone gave us four seasons of one of our favorite shows!  I have stuck those away to sit for a while until we need some good old American humor.

We also got a package today that so exciting.  It's such a "this is for real, we are really moving to a third world country!"thing.  A gravity fed water purifier.  If you are thinking a Brita pitcher, just toss that idea right out of your pretty little head.  No, my friends, this is a Royal Berkey.  This thing is amazing!  It can take any type of water, pound scum, you name it, and make it drinkable.  It can even filter food coloring out of water.  It's been around for about 150 years and is used by the Red Cross, UNICEF, the Peace Corp, basically all the groups that work in disaster and relief situations where drinking water is questionable at best.  It takes out all the nasty little bichos (bugs) that live in water, you know, like salmonella, cholera and typhoid.

Anyway, one of our supporters gave us the money for this system, because they figured drinkable water was right up there on the list of important things to have.  It's so cool! It's gravity fed so there won't be a single problem when the power goes out.  And the filters are good for something like 6,000 gallons before we need new ones.  It nests inside itself, great for travel across oceans.  And when I ordered it, it came with three water bottles that have the same filter in them.  We had one already for the same supporters, so now, everyone in the family will have one and I never have to worry about the water they are drinking!

Can you tell I am excited about this?  Such a big deal, drinkable water.  Something we take for granted here in the US.  It just dumbfounds me that people here by bottled water when we have some of the cleanest tap water in the world!

It's really amazing to see how God uses His Body in such clever ways!

So now that I have played with the Bereky a bit, I will drain it, dry it out, and pack it up.  Hopefully it won't be too long before we get to use it for real!

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  1. I have never heard of that-- but how fantastic!! Definitely a plus!!


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