Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And We are Off!

Our lives are so backwards now.  When we were teaching, Memorial Day signaled the end was near.  Just a few more weeks and we would be free of responsibility (sort of) for two months. 

And then we decided to move to camp.  Now weekends and summers are our busiest time.  And since we are just past Memorial Day, welcome business! 

The summer staff started to trickle in yesterday afternoon.  We had our annual ice cream meeting with Noah's programmers.  Yes, he gets two this summer!  And just to tell you what kind of programmers these guys are, they wanted to go to the playground after ice cream!  And they played with my kids! 

Then it was off to the Linsley's for the PWR (Pre Workshop Reunion) and everyone enjoyed burgers and dogs before the rain hit.

Now they are off learning who each other is, what they liked to do and their favorite candy, you know typical ice breaker type questions. 

Ready or not, here comes summer!

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