Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baby Wipes

So there are probably about 5 thousand sites on the web detailing how you can make your own baby wipes...ok, so more like 370,000 (yes, I did just google that).

But I thought why not add my own meager offerings to the mix.  Really, I was trying to come up with something new and exciting to tell you about today.  But since 370,000 other sites are talking about it, I guess this isn't really new.  And I am not sure how exciting baby wipes are.

Alright, moving on before I talk myself out of this post.  I have always made our baby wipes.  My sister in law gave the perfect container for them when I was pregnant with Forrest, for baby showers I was given more baby soap than I could use with 5 children and they are oh so very easy to make.   And cheap!  Maybe that's the part you would get excited about.  I can make a container of wipes for about 60 cents!

You will need some paper towel
Hot water
Baby shampoo
Plastic Container
Bread knife, hack saw, something to cut the paper towels

 Get a roll of paper towels, I use Bounty.  This is one of like 4 things I buy the brand name. I have found it to be the best, it's strong enough but not rough.

Cut the roll in half lengthwise. My bread knife works the best for that. The end will be a little fringey, but's just wipes.  I have also started to cut my whole package of paper towels (I buy the big 8 roll pack, which makes 16 containers) at one time, cutting (heheh) down on the work I have to do later.

Then, for each container, mix about a cup and a half of hot water (hot from the tap is fine, or you can pop it in the microwave for a while), and few squirts of baby shampoo.  I also add a few drops of tea tree oil to ward off diaper rash. Stir, or better yet, add those things to your measuring cup before you add water.  I am all about less work people! Pour over the paper towel (oh, put the paper towel in the container first). The hot water will loosen the cardboard core, which you will be able to pull out. You will then be able to pull the wipes from the middle of the container.

I don't even know how much I have saved using this. Since I was given the container and the shampoo, all I really have to buy is the tea tree oil (one one ounce bottle has lasted me a year, and we are no where near the end of it) and the paper towels (those cost me $9 for a 8 pack, which like I said makes 16 containers.)  I think it's a little under 60 cents a container of 52 wipes.

Oh, and for those of you who cloth diaper, but don't use cloth wipes, you can flush these!

So there you go, big, exciting news!


  1. I just saved this to One Note for future reference... like NEAR future (when I run out of my current supply of wipes!

  2. Awesome post! So, where does one get the nifty container???

  3. Kiki, I got ours at a Mejier, which is a local grocery store/alternative to Walmart store here in MI. The brand is Lock and Lock. I just googled that and found you can get them online and it looks like Target carries that brand.

  4. I've always couponed my diaper wipes, so I've rarely (if ever) paid more than $.50-$.60/container for my baby wipes. BUT, after finding the "flushable toilet paper/wipes" (you know, those kinds that seemingly everyone makes now, for adults and kids) on a free after rebate sale, and that they work amazingly well for my little potty-trained wipers, I've been lamenting the fact that we just ran out and trying to decide if I can justify the outrageous cost per container for the convenience. So, voila, your last line has be super excited! If these flush then I'm more than game!
    One question though, have you ever put the wipes into a regular pop-up wipes case, or do you need to buy the special container? I've got one (or a dozen) wipes boxes floating around here.

  5. I don't think the normal square containers would work well. The problem is the wipes work best coming from the middle of the roll. In the old days they used to make wipes in a stand up container like this which would work, obviously:) I also found that a large (like 2 lb) yogurt container works. Really, anything this sorta size, so if you have something in your cupboard, go for it. Oh, and these containers are in the food storage isle...not made specifically for wipes:)

  6. LOVE IT! I'm so making these this weekend. I need more wipes and am soooooo sick of buying them. Plus, Annelise being potty trained...she needs a good wiping now and then. Yippee!

  7. Very cool! I definitely want to try making these!

  8. PS - Made these yesterday and I love love LOVE them! My hubby loves the smell of the tea tree oil...but its a little strong for me. Although I did add a few drops of Jasmine Sweet Pea oil and it helped. Got myself a square lock and lock great. Thanks again for posting.

  9. You are more than welcome Rach! And Nicole, I was going to ask you how expensive paper towels are in Colombia? Is this a doable thing? I am sure you can't flush them there! I also have made cloth wipes from an old flannel sheet, which helps when you are cloth diapering...something more to think's bed rest going?

  10. WOW. Before we switched to cloth diapers, nearly two years ago now, we bought a case of wipes. Yes, a case. TONS.

    I've always used cltoh wipes with Hannah when we are home...but used the case with Jack. The case is almost gone....on our last box and I was wondering what to do. Cloth wipes on his behind seemed...gross. YEAH!!!! Thanks!!!!


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