Friday, July 23, 2010


  • So apparently you all do get excited about things like baby wipes!  Who knew?  That was by far the most commented on, most looked at post of the summer...maybe I should stop trying to really write and just throw out random recipes every once in a while!

  • It is disgusting today.  Humid as all get out, hot.  You drink your air.  Not a fan.  And I am planning on moving to Honduras.
  • I am sick to death of matchbox cars, legos, little people and play food covering every square inch of floor in my house.  I cold pick them up six hundred times each day and it wouldn't help!

  • We are almost done with week six out of ten.  We are tired.
  • I have a stack of books to read sitting on my desk.  Too tired.
  • I have a stack of postcards to write sitting on my desk.  Too tired.
  • I have two baby books to fill out.  Have for months.  Too tired.

  • I have a knitting project to work on too tired.
  • How is it that your bones get tired.  Mine are.
  • Did I mention we are tired?
  • We have a box house in our playroom.  I need to show you pictues sometime.
  • We are going to Virgina in 5 weeks.  Why did we think this was a good idea?  Virginia in August?  It's going to be hotter than here!

  • Can you tell how much I love (cough) hot weather?
  • That's all.  Good night.


  1. Ha! Hahahha haha! I think you are channeling me right now! Pick up toys blah blah it's hot out blah blah... darn toys blah blah blah.
    OK- My kids have an obsession with blankets and pillows. We keep putting away piles of them and they seem to find their way right back to the living room. Doesn't matter how hot it is. They must nest in a pile of blankets. It's very annoying.

  2. love those new family photos! sorry to hear about all the hot weather there..yuck!

  3. I totally understand... the toys, the tiredness, the hatred of heat and humidity... praying for you!


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