Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello Week Six

Today I was baking cookies before 8 am.  See, because we had a group of counselors over this morning for their Middle School Week meeting.  This is the crazy week that leads to different shoes, Prince Sippy Kups and all other manner of silliness!

And in an effort to give the counselors a bit of TLC, I had fresh baked cookies, milk, Starbucks whole bean coffee and fun teas.  And one of the girls was so very excited about the tea.  I so enjoy making their day.

After going over millions of details, they took some time to pray.  For the campers, for the staff, for the program, for the other side of the lake.

Would you pray for them this week?  They are getting tired.  This will be their 6th week of counseling for the summer.  Pray for endurance, for clear communication of the Gospel and for a fruitful week of ministry.

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