Friday, May 28, 2010

The Beginning

In just a few short hours, this place will be BUZZING with activity.  Families will start rolling in to express their Americaness by camping...

The kids' classroom are all set up and waiting.  Today, the boys and I took a field trip to check out our respective areas.  I will be teaching the 5&6 year olds again with Kerrie, and Forrest has graduated for the 3&4 year olds, becuase, dah dah daha!  He is wearing big boy underpants all day now!  Somehow it just happened.  About 2 weeks ago I told him diapers were just for sleeping.  He seemed to be ok with that, and hasn't had an accident yet!  Wow!  What a milestone!

After checking out the rooms, we had to play for a while on the outdoor equipment.  The boys and Katie dog enjoyed themselves tremendously.

Elliot heard the chainsaw somewhere in camp and kept hollering for "DA!"  He is talking so much these days.  In this photo he was literally saying "Cheese" to me.  Now where did he learn that?

Here's to a great holiday weekend for everyone! 


  1. I am confused as to why there are classrooms. are they starting a preschool at Barakel?

  2. HA! No, during family camp, we have kids classes for preschoolers and special kids chapels for elementary aged kids durning the regular chapel times. The staff ladies teach those classes and run the nursery. Think more like Sunday School classes. We use the lodge lobbies and set up all our gear. Sorry to be so confusing!


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