Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Hot Night's Dinner

It's been blazing hot again here, and yes, I realize everything is relative.  We talked with Wes and Cindy via Skype on Sunday and it was like 100 there, literally.

Anyway, with the fact that is was in the upper 80's and humid here, I tried to keep dinner cool.  So this morning I made homemade snackers (a knock off our an appetizer from my favorite restaurant, Olga's) and a knock of version of Swiss almond cheese spread, and we had cold grilled chicken left overs.  It was fantastic!  Well, the kids didn't really dig it, and I am not sure how much my husband did either, but I enjoyed it.

Oh, and I also made a great iced coffee too.  I think this is a meal that will translate into 100 degree nights in Honduras.

And just because I know you want to know how to make this fantastic meal, here's the scoop

Homemade Snackers
whole wheat pita (I made mine tweeking the tortilla recipe, I just substituted 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour for regular flour)
olive oil
season salt, or regular salt
sesame seeds

Cut the pita into triangles, cover with olive oil and melted butter.  Sprinkle with all other ingredients. Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes

Knock Off Swiss Almond Cheese Spread
Finely grated Swiss cheese
1 package of softened cream cheese
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
Slivered roasted almonds

Cream all together.  Melt in the microwave.  Add almonds.  Refrigerate before serving with snackers.

Iced Coffee
1 cup ground coffee
4 1/2 cups water

Stir together in a pitcher and let sit 8 hours or more  at room temperature.
Then strain twice through a coffee filter
Pour over ice, add half and half, syrup, coffee creamer, whatever floats your boat!

(I got the original recipe here.)

And with that I will leave you enjoy your evening.


  1. This is great! You posted this two days ago and I can't stop thinking about how I want to make it!!!! :)



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