Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Weekend, errr, a Night Away

So, in attempt at a last hurrah, we spent the night in Mackinaw City.  Sure, everything is closed this time of year, but that just means we got a great room at a hotel with an indoor water park and a hot breakfast buffet for $63!  We thought it was a good deal too.

Until we realized that our oldest hates the noise of the water park.  We sorta knew this, but thought it being a smaller place it won't be as bad.  Uh, no. Elliot loved the water, was working on studying the slides and buckets, but he was a bit overwhelmed too.  Oh dear.  I was low by 4 pm.  This wasn't going to work at all.

But we went to dinner, and on the way home we prayed that God would make Forrest brave enough to try the pool again.  We brought some plastic cups with us for them to play with and low and behold, the water park was turned OFF!!!  And we were the only ones in the pool area and the boys had a great time dumping water, playing dolphins.  Thank you Lord!

They settled down well in the room while Noah and I took the laptop into the hallway to watch episode after episode of Lost.  No one say ANYTHING about Lost!  We are only on season 3...no spoilers!

Overall it was a good night away.  Poor Elliot has a nightmarish diaper rash, so bad I called the doctor yesterday and they prescribed a anti fungal powder because it's so bad.  But he seems to be doing better today.

And we are quickly entering the crazy season!  34 days until the summer staff arrives!


  1. yay for get-aways! glad you had fun!

  2. I love Mackinac! I wish our family could go visit, maybe someday. Missed reading your blog, glad to be back online!


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