Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update: Vanilla

Alright, I have neglected to update you on the vanilla experiment.  If you have just joined us, back in January, I began making vanilla.  Simple enough recipe, 1 cup vodka to 3 vanilla beans, leave in a dark cool place for 6 to 8 weeks, and voile!  Pure vanilla extract.  For a fraction of the cost.

Well, the scientific analysis is, it worked, and very well at that!  I have been using it in cookies, cakes, anything that calls for vanilla.  Perfect.  So there you go.  Now go run out and get some vodka and jump online and order your vanilla beans from some exotic far off place and enjoy!


  1. *gasp* Did I just see that a MISSIONARY bought and used VODKA?!?!?!


    Sorry, couldn't resist. This looks super easy--maybe I'll try it!

  2. you are too funny! Yes, this missionary bought and used vodka!:) And it is super easy, you don't really have to do anything except get the stuff and then cute the beans in half lengthwise and leave it along for six or eight weeks! Nothing really to screw up!

  3. That is amazing! -Joy H :)

  4. Where did you order your beans from?

  5. I got them from ebay. I just ordered some more and got a great deal, 3 dozen with shipping for $9! That compared to the ones at the Amish store that were $5 for 1 bean!

  6. awesome! i am definitely going to do this!


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