Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our New Pet

We had a gold fish for quite a while.  I think he arrived at our house just before Elliot did.  He swam his last lap sometime in January of this year.  That's a long time for a goldfish, over a year.  Wiggles was flushed and it was a good first lesson in death and dying for Forrest.  He said to me the other week, "Sometimes wiggles dies and Daddy and I flush him."  Sometimes?

Well, we have been without a fish companion for a while now, and this last trip to civilization, I decided the boys would enjoy another one.  Meet our fish.

He doesn't have a name yet.  I keep asking the boys, and nothing has come up.  But Elliot enjoys eating breakfast with him on the table, and makes the appropriate fish mouth.  Forrest looked at him when he first joined us and after commenting that he was blue which is Forrest's favorite color (thus the blue bus birthday cake), said, "he's too little to eat."  Yep, we don't eat beta fish in this house.  Surprise, I know.

So for now the poor no name creature lives on our table.  Hopefully he will be christened soon.

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