Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Staff Retreat

On Monday and Tuesday, all the staff went away to West Branch for our bi yearly staff retreat.  It was a good time of teaching, testimonies, singing and just plain being silly!  You know, kinda like what we offer to youth groups and adults in the fall and winter here.

Monday night, we broke out the games and things turned quite silly rather quickly.  As Paul Gardner would say, "Nothing good happens after 11."

It was great fun that Dan and Sarah Haines came too.  They are in the process of raising support to come on staff as part of the maintenance crew.  Sarah and I lived down the hall from each other in college, so it was just like old times.

There was quite the riotious game of Mad Gab, complete with PG failing to communicate the word "fortune" and Kerrie coming up with some intresting uses for the word "blank".

In the end, the programmers decided to have an elimination round, which resulted in Noah and Hannah is a face off.  Too funny.

It was a good night away.  One of the seasonal staff girls watched the boys, and when we got home on Tuesday afternoon, Forrest told us to go away because Karen was going to stay.  I guess that means he had a good time with her!

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  1. hooray for small getaways. glad you had fun, and super glad that dan and bow could come! :)


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