Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ways You Can Help a Missionary #12

I had a meltdown on Tuesday.  I had my cheese disaster, and I was working all morning on support raising stuff and had major technical issues and I had mounds of laundry and babies needing diapers changed and snacks and naps and snuggles and I couldn't do it all!  Imagine that.

I told Noah I needed to find a 12 year old girl to come and play with the boys while I got some work done.  To that he said, without batting an eye, "that can be arranged you know."

Duh.  So I called one of the moms here that has a home schooled 12 year old girl.  And today Melanie came to play with Forrest all morning.

Can I just tell you how much work I got done?!  I cleaned my whole house, got all of the laundry washed and dried, made several phone calls, all without being interrupted!  And Forrest had a great time playing with Mel.  Praise God!  We will be doing this again!

I once heard a missionary mom say with sparkling eyes that someone had offered to take her kids for the day so she could get phone calls and emails and other paper work done that is so important to the support raising process.  I thought, "oh, that's nice."  That was before I had kids!  Man!  The woman must have been able to get three weeks worth of work done that day!

And here is Ways You Can Help a Missionary #12. Offer to take their kids for a day, so they can make those phone calls, write those letters and emails, and have a few moments to clean their house!


  1. I read your reply to my sister's blog...can I just say that I am so glad that I am not the only mother who uses the term "throw him against the wall". :)

  2. You know if we lived closer they could come and play anytime!

  3. Oh if I was closer your boys could come join the daily circus at my house...unless I have to pick Elliot up...that would be a problem :o)
    Yesterday my friend who also has a home daycare brought her kids over so that we could just SEE another adult female. We had a 5 year old, 4 year old, 3 year old, 2 two year olds, a one year old and 2 four month olds here. Oh, and all but one of them were boys. CIRCUS. I wouldn't have even noticed a couple of extras!
    By the way, your cheese that DID work out looked fabulous!


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