Saturday, February 6, 2010


  • Family photos are a bear.  My dad always said it was sorta like getting your foot run over by a semi.  It's won't kill you, but you kinda wish it would.  Ok, so this time it wasn't that bad, but out of 65 photos, we found ONE that worked well.

  • We are working on plans to be downstate for ten days in March to visit church, supporters, and make new connections with people who would be interested in hearing about our ministry.  Do you know how, um, interesting it is to try and coordinate ten days worth of meetings with at least that many different people?  I have a headache.  And I am very glad for things like Facebook, email, and phones.

  • I love taking stuff and making it better.  Just added a piece of leftover fabric to a free tote with a silly logo.  Now, it's a cute bag.

  • I think we are all recovered for the bugs around here.  Elliot is back to his normal funny self.

  • While I hated being away from my boys for ten days, I really enjoyed seeing my husband all day, every day and not being interrupted every sentence.  The interrupting will change, right?  Like in 20 years?


  1. Liz, you are a beautiful woman and very inspirational. Just wanted to say thanks. :)

  2. Cara, you are tooooo kind! How's the pizza going? How are the kids! Wish we could get together and do coffee at JP's...and then go for a walk with our double joggers:)


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